Issue Resolution


Jeremy Martin

 General Manager at York KIA of Medford
It's inevitable. We're going to make a mistake or not do something by accident. Sometimes we just plain drop the ball. We're a business that deals with mechanical equipment and the product doesn't always perform the way we hope it would. Sometimes the sale didn't go as smoothly as we planned. We are just regular people like you. We follow the local sports teams, our kids need to be run all over the place and we are searching for the elusive free time that does not exist. We don't like headaches or stress and we want things to work and go the way they are supposed to. 

Unfortunately, this does not always happen. What to do?

I want you to feel like there is a place for you to voice your concern and not only have it heard, but to find a resolution. I cannot promise everyone I will be able to solve the mystery of what ails your vehicle. I cannot say that we will always agree on the resolution. What I can promise is that I will hear you out, I will look into the matter and we will discuss what our options are. Sometimes it will be a simple fix and other times, it will require a lot more work. Either way, I am here to assist you and do my best to keep you as a customer of this dealership.

We are all here to assist and help you in every way we can. Sometimes there just needs to be a final resolution to items. So, when the "you know what" hits the fan, reach out to me and let's see if we can get that cleaned up. 

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